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This investigation examined cognitive impairment as a predictor of the volume of community services used by older adults. Predictors of service volume were selected according to the modified Andersen framework and tested with 97 health care and 246 social service clients of a large multiservice agency. Results for health care clients showed that the effects(More)
The mathematical continuum, like number, consists of mere possibility. .. Abstract. In his monograph On Numbers and Games, J. H. Conway introduced a real-closed field containing the reals and the ordinals as well as a great many less familiar numbers including −, /2, 1/, √ and − to name only a few. Indeed, this particular real-closed field, which Conway(More)
All 50 States have passed legislation to protect elderly victims of domestic abuse and neglect. Forty-two States have mandatory reporting laws, with health care providers considered the major professional referral service. This exploratory study of State health departments had as its goals (a) the identification of administrative awareness regarding the(More)
An R~-universally extending ordered field of power N, is constructed for each regular power N,, where 0 < of-< On and Zt~<~ 2 • <-X,. When ,R, is inaccessible, the structure is either a (set) model of J. H. Conway's ordered field No or an isomorphic copy of No depending on whether or not S~. is a set or a proper class. Thanks are due to Silvan Schweber for(More)
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Each surreal number has a unique Conway name (or normal form) that is characteristic of its individual properties. The paper answers the following two questions that are naturally suggested by the surreal number system's structure as a lexicographically ordered full binary tree. (i) Given the Conway name of a surreal number, what are the Conway names of its(More)
Statements solicited by Utne Reader editors from 12 environmentalists, scientists, feminists, and social activists reflect both a sense of urgency for effective action to address rapid population growth and recognition of the need for change in the political and economic power structures of many societies. Several contributors urge ecological activists to(More)
Time Off Promotes Strength (TOPS), a program for caregivers of Alzheimer's victims, provides in-home and day program services. Through application of a service/training model adapted from the Global Deterioration Scale (Reisberg, 1983), the TOPS program maintains a high quality of services with a limited but highly trained professional staff. Caregiver(More)