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Wet Ontologies, Fluid Spaces: Giving Depth to Volume through Oceanic Thinking
This paper expands on recent attempts to destabilise the static, bordered, and linear framings that typify human geographical studies of place, territory, and time. In a world conceptualised as open,Expand
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Of other seas: metaphors and materialities in maritime regions
Abstract Even as ocean-region-based studies gain popularity, they all too often fail to engage the aqueous center that lies at the heart of every maritime community. Studies that seek to highlightExpand
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Environment, development, crisis, and crusade: Ukambani, Kenya, 1890–1990
Abstract For over a century Ukambani, the home of the Akamba people, has been the object of intense scrutiny and repeated interventions by international and national “experts.” Outsider narrativesExpand
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Insularity, sovereignty and statehood: the representation of islands on portolan charts and the construction of the territorial state
Abstract This article investigates the cartographic origins of the idea that the territorial state is a unified, bounded, homogeneous and naturally occurring entity, in a world of equivalent butExpand
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Sovereignty, Territory, and the Mapping of Mobility: A View from the Outside
Theorists within and beyond the discipline of geography increasingly realize that boundaries are not simply lines that enclose and define territories. Boundaries also regulate and are reproduced byExpand
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Navigating to Multiple Horizons: Toward a Geography of Ocean-Space
While the ocean traditionally has attracted little attention within geography, we are now entering an era when marine research is increasingly technologically feasible and, at the same time, humanExpand
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Lines of Division, Lines of Connection: Stewardship in the World Ocean
This article investigates the history of drawing lines across ocean space. Although drawing lines generally is perceived as an act of division—as exemplified by the line drawn through the Atlantic ...
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Contested Sovereignty in a Changing Arctic
Climate change is challenging the notions of permanency and stability on which the ideal of the sovereign, territorial state historically has rested. Nowhere is this challenge more pressing than inExpand
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Territory Beyond Terra
At the root of our understanding of territory is the concept of terra—land—a surface of fixed points with stable features that can be calculated, categorised, and controlled. But what of the manyExpand
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Lay Activism and Activism Intentions in a Faculty Union
Prior conceptual work on union renewal places activism in a central role. Understanding of activism’s antecedents, however, remains limited. This study uses a sample of faculty union members at aExpand
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