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Silver Nanowire Networks as Flexible, Transparent, Conducting Films: Extremely High DC to Optical Conductivity Ratios.
We have used aqueous dispersions of silver nanowires to prepare thin, flexible, transparent, conducting films. The nanowires are of length and diameter close to 6.5 μm and 85 nm, respectively. At lowExpand
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Size effects and the problem with percolation in nanostructured transparent conductors.
Much research is underway at present to develop nanostructured transparent conductors for use as electrodes. Transparent electrodes typically require high visible transmittances, T > 90%, and so mustExpand
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Electrical connectivity in single-walled carbon nanotube networks.
Transport in single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) networks is shown to be dominated by resistance at network junctions which scale with the size of the interconnecting bundles. Acid treatment,Expand
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Spray deposition of highly transparent, low-resistance networks of silver nanowires over large areas.
A method to produce scalable, low-resistance, high-transparency, percolating networks of silver nanowires by spray coating is presented. By optimizing the spraying parameters, networks with a sheetExpand
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Transparent, flexible, and highly conductive thin films based on polymer-nanotube composites.
We have prepared flexible, transparent, and very conducting thin composite films from poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate), filled with both arc discharge and HIPCO single-walledExpand
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The spatial uniformity and electromechanical stability of transparent, conductive films of single walled nanotubes
Abstract We have prepared thin films of arc discharge single walled nanotubes by vacuum filtration. For film thicknesses greater than 40 nm, the films are of high optical quality; the opticalExpand
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Autophagy induction by silver nanowires: a new aspect in the biocompatibility assessment of nanocomposite thin films.
Nanomaterials and their enabled products have increasingly been attracting global attention due to their unique physicochemical properties. Among these emerging products, silver nanowire (AgNW)-basedExpand
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The dependence of the optoelectrical properties of silver nanowire networks on nanowire length and diameter.
We have characterized the optoelectrical properties of networks of silver nanowires as a function of nanowire dimension by measuring transmittance (T) and sheet resistance (R(s)) for a large numberExpand
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On the factors controlling the mechanical properties of nanotube films
We have studied the mechanical and morphological properties of carbon nanotube films prepared from tubes produced by a range of commercial suppliers. We find significant correlations betweenExpand
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Ag-nanowire films coated with ZnO nanoparticles as a transparent electrode for solar cells
We demonstrate that solution-processible silver-nanowire films coated with zinc-oxide-nanoparticles (ZnO-NPs) can be used as transparent electrodes in organic photovoltaic devices. The ZnO-NP coatingExpand
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