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Valleys of Death and Darwinian Seas: Financing the Invention to Innovation Transition in the United States
The basic science and technology research enterprise of the United States—sources of funding, performing institutions, researcher incentives and motivations—is reasonably well understood by academicsExpand
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The Production Recipes Approach to Modeling Technological Innovation: An Application to Learning by Doing
We do two things in this paper. First, we put forward some elements of a microeconomic theory of technological evolution. This involves adding nascent (essentially undiscovered) technologies to theExpand
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Between Invention and Innovation An Analysis of Funding for Early-Stage Technology Development
The purpose of the Between Invention and Innovation project is to support informed design of public policies regarding technology entrepreneurship and the transition from invention to innovation byExpand
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Creating Social Value
Does social entrepreneurship matter? A strong consensus is emerging that this question has an obvious answer. The disagreement comes over whether that answer is "yes" or "no." With reference to threeExpand
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The Simple Economics of Technology Entrepreneurship: Market Failure Reconsidered
This unique Handbook provides a solid foundation for essential study in the nascent field of entrepreneurship policy research. This foundation is initially developed via the exploration of twoExpand
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Seeds of Disaster, Roots of Response: How Private Action Can Reduce Public Vulnerability
Foreword General Robert T. Marsh Part I. Seeds of Disaster: 1. Where private efficiency meets public vulnerability: the critical infrastructure challenge Philip Auerswald, Lewis M. Branscomb, Todd M.Expand
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Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Insights from Ecology to Inform Effective Entrepreneurship Policy
Inspired by research on the importance of entrepreneurship for sustained economic growth and improved well-being, many governments and non-governmental grant-making organizations have sought over theExpand
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Start-Ups and Spin-Offs: Collective Entrepreneurship between Invention and Innovation
In this paper we argue that specific institutional and behavioral disjunctures in the process of technology development may systematically impede the flow of financial and other resources to even theExpand
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Entry and Schumpeterian profits
A large empirical literature has documented differences in Schumpeterian profits, both among firms in single industries and between firms in different industries. Theorists have proposed variousExpand
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The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy
Over the course of the next 25 years, it is estimated that nearly eighty percent of global economic growth will originate in previously poor places. Large countries with burgeoning populations suchExpand
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