Philip E. Seiden

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A modern approach to vaccination faces the compound complexity of microorganism behavior and immune response triggering and regulation. Since computational modeling can yield useful guidelines for biological experimentation, we have used IMMSIM(3), a cellular automaton model for simulating humoral- and cell-mediated responses, to explore a wide range of(More)
A theory is presented in which much of the structure of spiral galaxies arises from a percolation phase transition that underlies the phenomenon of propagating star formation. According to this view, the appearance of spiral arms is a consequence of the differential rotation of the galaxy and the characteristic divergence of correlation lengths for(More)
Rheumatoid factors (RF) associated with arthritic joint erosion are only seen transiently, if at all, in nondiseased individuals. Therefore, a tolerance mechanism must exist that prevents pathologic RF B cells from expressing Abs. Surprisingly, it has been shown that pathologic RF B cells are not tolerized by any previously established tolerance mechanism(More)
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