Philip E Reichert

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TCR aggregation at the point of contact with an APC is thought to play an important role in T cell signal transduction. However, this potentially important phenomenon has never been documented during an immune response in vivo. Here we used immunohistology to show that the TCR on naive Ag-specific CD4 T cells in the lymph nodes of mice injected with Ag(More)
In 1999, the Florida State Legislature established and funded the statewide Hepatitis Prevention Program (HPP) to address growing concern about hepatitis C virus (HCV) and its potential public health burden. HPP supports county health departments' (CHDs') provision of viral hepatitis prevention services to at-risk adults through free hepatitis A and B(More)
1. Animals immunized with the formalinized filtrates of young toxic cultures of B. botulinus produce an antitoxic serum poor in precipitins. 2. Animals immunized with the formalinized filtrates of old and partly autolyzed toxic cultures produce an antitoxic serum containing precipitins. 3. Animals immunized with toxin-free autolyzed bacteria produce a serum(More)
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