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— We study an interesting 2-player game known as the Iterated Traveler's Dilemma, a non-zero sum game in which there is a large number of possible actions in each round and therefore an astronomic number of possible strategies overall. What makes the Iterated TD particularly interesting is that it defies the usual prescriptions of classical game theory(More)
We study complex non-zero-sum iterated two player games, more specifically, various strategies and their performances in iterated travelerâ  s dilemma (ITD). We focus on the relative performances of several types of parameterized strategies, where each such strategy type corresponds to a particular â  philosophyâ  on how to best(More)
This paper by John McCarthy extends his concept of programs with common sense put forth in his 1959 paper (see references). While not a direct application of his advice-taker, circumscription is a form of nonmonotonic reasoning that allows for a program to ”jump to certain conclusions” without the need for a fully specified description of a given setting.(More)
Imagine your perfect robot helper. Maybe it does the dishes for you, walks your dog, or makes repairs around your house. Well, theres no need to imagine, as the technology already exists today for you to have the perfect robot helper, capable of doing any of these things and many more. There is, however, a catch. First, you will need to rearrange your house(More)