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UIMA Ruta is a rule-based system designed for information extraction tasks, but it is also applicable for many natural language processing use cases. This demonstration gives an overview of the UIMA Ruta Workbench, which provides a development environment and tooling for the rule language. It was developed to ease every step in engineering rule-based(More)
This paper reports on a user-friendly terminology and information extraction development environment that integrates into existing infrastructure for natural language processing and aims to close a gap in the UIMA community. The tool supports domain experts in data-driven and manual terminology refinement and refactoring. It can propose new concepts and(More)
Giving invididual feedback to students in large programming courses is time consuming and in most cases not feasible. In order to provide students with feedback we introduce PABS, a tool for automated feedback generation for programming assignments on the Java virtual machine. PABS is a web application giving students the opportunity to submit an arbitrary(More)
We introduce a newly developed visual programming and UML modeling tool for educational use. It's implemented to provide students with informative feedback during exercises as well as to assess the submissions of students automatically. Tasks combine class and activity modeling aspects as well as some simple programming requirements. The system is web-based(More)
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