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RV-Android is a new freely available open source runtime library for monitoring formal safety properties on Android. RV-Android uses the commercial RV-Monitor technology as its core monitoring library generation technology, allowing for the verification of safety properties during execution and operating entirely in userspace with no kernel or operating(More)
Most prominent cryptocurrencies utilize proof of work (PoW) to secure their operation, yet PoW suffers from two key undesirable properties. First, the work done is generally wasted, not useful for anything but the gleaned security of the cryptocurrency. Second, PoW is naturally outsourceable, leading to inegalitarian concentration of power in the hands of(More)
The Runtime Verification ECU (RV-ECU) is a new development platform for checking and enforcing the safety of automotive bus communications and software systems. RV-ECU uses runtime verification, a formal analysis subfield geared at validating and verifying systems as they run, to ensure that all manufacturer and third-party safety specifications are(More)
We present a suite of runtime verification tools developed by Runtime Verification Inc.: RV-Match, RV-Predict, and RV-Monitor. RV-Match is a tool for checking C programs for undefined behavior and other common programmer mistakes. It is extracted from the most complete formal semantics of the C11 language and beats many similar tools in its ability to catch(More)
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