Philip D. St. John

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BACKGROUND At the 2011 Annual Business Meeting of the Canadian Geriatrics Society (CGS), an ad hoc Work Group was struck to submit a report providing an estimate of the number of physicians and full-time equivalents (FTEs) currently working in the field of geriatrics, an estimate of the number required (if possible), and a clearer understanding of what has(More)
BACKGROUND The beneficial effects of higher education on healthy aging are generally accepted, but the mechanisms are less well understood. Education may influence healthy aging through improved employment opportunities that enhance feelings of personal control and reduce hazardous exposures, or through higher incomes that enable individuals to access(More)
BACKGROUND THE OBJECTIVES ARE TO DETERMINE IF: 1) accepting disability as a part of aging is associated with frailty; and 2) accepting disability is associated with becoming frail over a five-year period. METHODS Secondary analysis of a prospective cohort study of 1,751 community-dwelling adults aged 65+. Participants were asked to rate their agreement(More)
Methods: In 1991, 1763 community-dwelling adults aged 65+ participated in the Manitoba Study of Health and Aging (MSHA), which sampled all regions of the province of Manitoba. Baseline measures included age, gender, years of education, the Modified Mini-Mental State Examination (3MS), and rural/urban status. Rural was defined as a census subdivision with a(More)
Setting/Participants: 208 consecutive patients seen in an outpatient memory clinic in London, Ontario, Canada (63 with diagnosis of mild dementia, 86 with diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, 59 with normal cognition) for whom both a MoCA and RUDAS could be completed. Measurements: The MoCA and the RUDAS were administered to all participants, sensitivity(More)
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