Philip D. Reusswig

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Singlet exciton fission transforms a molecular singlet excited state into two triplet states, each with half the energy of the original singlet. In solar cells, it could potentially double the photocurrent from high-energy photons. We demonstrate organic solar cells that exploit singlet exciton fission in pentacene to generate more than one electron per(More)
a We report a linearly polarized luminescent solar concentrator with broad absorption across the visible, and luminescence beyond the emissive spectrum of the display. When used to replace a conventional polarizer in a luminescent display, this device recycles light absorbed by the polarizer, guiding it to the frame of the display where solar cells may be(More)
The optical conversion of incoherent solar radiation into a bright, coherent laser beam enables the application of nonlinear optics to solar energy conversion and storage. Here, we present an architecture for solar pumped lasers that uses a luminescent solar concentrator to decouple the conventional trade-off between solar absorption efficiency and the mode(More)
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