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Renal transplant recipients are at increased risk of bladder carcinoma. The aetiology is unknown but a polyoma virus (PV), BK virus (BKV), may play a role; urinary reactivation of this virus is common post-renal transplantation and PV large T-antigen (T-Ag) has transforming activity. In this study, we investigate the potential role of BKV in post-transplant(More)
Fifty-two patients with epithelial ovarian cancer were treated with yttrium-90-labelled monoclonal antibody HMFG1 administered intraperitoneally following conventional surgery and chemotherapy as part of an extended phase I-II trial. The treatment was well tolerated and the only significant toxicity observed was reversible myelosuppression as previously(More)
BACKGROUND Despite an increasing awareness of the importance of innate immunity, the roles of natural killer (NK) cells in transplant rejection and antiviral and cancer immunity during immunosuppression have not been clearly defined. METHODS To address this issue we have developed a quantitative assay of NK cell function that can be used on clinical(More)
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