Philip D. Hammer

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Digital array scanned interferometers (DASI) blend characteristics of a grating spectrometer and a two-beam interferometer for acquisition of hyperspectra. DASI's posses field-widened capabilities that permit very high throughput. Aspects of DASI design, hyperspectra, and data processing methods are presented. In particular, we provide data showing that(More)
Fig. 8: DASI spectrum of region 1 (Fig. 7), and MODTRAN spectrum derived using albedo measured at surface (Fig 6) and atmospheric profile from a radiosonde. Fig. 9: DASI spectra of regions of Fig 7. Spectra 6 and 10 are severely distorted because of detector saturation. Region 8 has partial vegetation cover. Fig. 6: Albedo spectrum measured at surface: mean(More)
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