Philip D. Allen

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a non-cancerous expansion of the prostate, the progress of which can be quantified by measuring the relative volumes of the prostate's peripheral zone and central gland. Here we describe a method of automatic segmentation of both regions of the prostate from MR images using a combination of grey-level voxel(More)
AIM To determine the cross-sectional association of the osteoporotic status of patients with the number of their teeth, with and without taking into account age and/or smoking. MATERIAL & METHODS At four centres, the study recruited 665 females aged 45-70 years and the number of teeth was counted for 651 subjects. Bone density was measured at the total(More)
UNLABELLED CT is widely used for anatomic referencing of PET and SPECT images of small animals but requires sufficiently high radiation doses capable of causing significant DNA damage. Therefore, we described the relationship between radiation dose, biologic damage, and image quality to determine whether CT can be used without significantly compromising(More)
Pulmonary metastasis is a frequent cause of poor outcome in cancer patients. The formation of pulmonary metastasis is greatly facilitated by recruitment of myeloid cells, which are crucial for tumor cell survival and extravasation. During inflammation, homing of myeloid cells is mediated by endothelial activation, raising the question of a potential role(More)
OBJECTIVES The OSTEODENT index is a predicted probability of osteoporosis derived from a combination of an automated analysis of a dental panoramic radiograph and clinical information. This index has been proposed as a suitable case-finding tool for identification of subjects with osteoporosis in primary dental care; however, no data exist on the(More)
Tissue factor (TF) expression by tumor cells correlates with metastasis clinically and supports metastasis in experimental settings. However, the precise pathways coupling TF to malignancy remain incompletely defined. Here, we show that clot formation by TF indirectly enhances tumor cell survival after arrest in the lung, during experimental lung(More)
BACKGROUND Preclinical imaging requires anaesthesia to reduce motion-related artefacts. For direct translational relevance, anaesthesia must not significantly alter experimental outcome. This study reports on the effects of both anaesthetic and carrier gas upon the uptake of [⁶⁴Cu]-CuATSM, [(⁹⁹m)Tc]-HL91 and [¹⁸F]-FMISO in a preclinical model of tumor(More)
PURPOSE To describe a combination of techniques using the excellent volumetric capacities of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) while avoiding anesthesia and maintaining high-throughput capability for tumor volume measurement in the awake mouse. This approach presents an alternative to calipers which, although cheap, fast, and easy to use, introduce many(More)
Analysis of the condition of blood capillaries in the nailfold is complicated by the fact that gaps in the flow of blood cells results in temporal variability in their appearance. At a single instant the capillaries may be incomplete, but integration of the information from several successive video frames renders the whole capillary visible. This paper(More)