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An important aspect of flood risk management is the issuing of timely flood alerts. The spatial, as well as temporal, scale of these warnings is important. In many situations efficient risk management may be aided by the provision of local flood predictions at a high spatial resolution. Examples of such situations include issuing warnings for small groups(More)
  • Ying Wang, Zhen Tao, +5 authors Syni-An Hwang
  • 2008
BACKGROUND Over the past decade, the Internet has become a powerful and effective tool for public health surveillance. The objectives of this project were to develop secure Web-based applications for Birth Defects Surveillance and to integrate them into routine surveillance activities of the New York State (NYS) Congenital Malformations Registry (CMR). (More)
BACKGROUND The limitations and underlying assumptions of the capture-recapture methods have hindered their application in epidemiological settings, especially in evaluating the completeness of birth defects registries. This study explored the possibility of using birth certificates as the secondary data source in a simple two-source capture-recapture model(More)
This paper proposes a data driven model-based condition monitoring scheme that is applied to wind turbines. The scheme is based upon a non-linear data-based modelling approach in which the model parameters vary as functions of the system variables. The model structure and parameters are identified directly from the input and output data of the process. The(More)
There has been much excitement among quantitative geographers about newly available data sets, characterized by high volume, velocity, and variety. This phenomenon is often labeled as " Big Data " and has contributed to methodological and empirical advances, particularly in the areas of visualization and analysis of social networks. However, a fourth v—(More)
New sources of data relating to personal mobility and activity patterns are now providing a unique opportunity to explore movement patterns at increasing scales of spatial and temporal refinement. In this article, a corpus of messages from the Twitter social networking platform are examined. An elementary classification of users is proposed on the basis of(More)
It is common for wind turbines to be installed in remote locations on land or offshore, leading to difficulties in routine inspection and maintenance. In addition, wind turbines in these locations are often subject to harsh operating conditions. These challenges mean there is a requirement for a high degree of maintenance. Consequently, monitoring and(More)
Radiochromic films are now being widely used by radiation oncologists and medical physicists to analyse complex photon field distributions relevant to therapy planning at modern medical linear accelerators. Linear dose response, absence of cumbersome chemical processing and lower cost facilitate the radiochromic films as highly reliable passive radiation(More)