Philip Clissett

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BACKGROUND Families and other carers report widespread dissatisfaction with general hospital care for confused older people. METHODS We undertook a qualitative interviews study of 35 family carers of 34 confused older patients to ascertain their experiences of care on geriatric and general medical, and orthopaedic wards of a large English hospital.(More)
AIM The purpose of this paper is to identify practical suggestions that could enable other researchers to consider how quality may be evidenced using constructivist principles including the perspectives of older people and their caregivers. BACKGROUND Constructivism suggests that reality is part of a social construction, which holds different meanings for(More)
This qualitative study aimed to gain insight into the experience of hospitalisation from the perspectives of the older person with dementia, their family care-giver and other patients sharing the ward (co-patients). Non-participant observation of care on  acute hospital wards was supplemented by  semi-structured interviews with  family care-givers and(More)
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