Philip Chak

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We analyze the transmission of light through coupled-resonator optical waveguides in the form of evanescently coupled Fabry–Perot resonator arrays. We develop a transfer matrix method to calculate the amplitude and phase responses of the arrays. We also discuss the inclusion of optical gain in the system to compensate for losses in these structures. Owing(More)
Planar broad-area single-mode lasers, with modal widths of the order of tens of microns, are technologically important for high-power applications and improved coupling efficiency into optical fibers. They may also find new areas of applications in on-chip integration with devices that are of similar size scales, such as for spectroscopy in microfluidic(More)
We analyze side-coupled standing-wave cavity structures consisting of Fabry-Perot and photonic crystal resonators coupled to two waveguides. We show that optical bright and dark states, analogous to those observed in coherent light-matter interactions, can exist in these systems. These structures may be useful for variable, switchable delay lines.
We consider the statistical mechanics of a general relativistic one-dimensional self-gravitating system. The system consists of N particles coupled to lineal gravity and can be considered as a model of N relativistically interacting sheets of uniform mass. The partition function and one-particle distribution functions are computed to leading order in 1/c(More)
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