Philip Canfield

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This paper describes three cases of what is probably a new form of storage disorder. The affected animals were English Springer Spaniels and they had developed progressive neurological signs when 2-3 years old. They had gross enlargement of the vagi and of the spinal nerves supplying the brachial plexus. By light microscopy in these nerves these were(More)
We present new measurements about the tunneling conductance in the boro-carbide superconductor TmNi 2 B 2 C. The results show a very good agreement with weak coupling BCS theory, without any lifetime broadening parameter, over the whole sample surface. We detect no particular change of the tun-neling spectroscopy below 1.5K, when both the antiferromagnetic(More)
A German Shepherd Dog presented with recurrent intermandibular and intralingual swelling. Cytological and microbiological findings on fluid aspirated from the mass were consistent with an infected cyst lined by epithelium. The sinus was explored and an epithelium-lined cystic structure was extirpated from the frenulum and body of the tongue. This structure(More)
When bovine normal nerve and nerve sheath tumours were cultured using explant techniques, the same morphological cell types were seen:thin bipolar cells with bulging nuclei;found refractile cells; large quadrangular cells; variable polar, wide-processed cells. However, differences in the pattern of cell growth and the proportions of morphological cell types(More)
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