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Students' Evaluations of University Teaching: Research Findings, Methodological Issues, and Directions for Future Research
Abstract The purposes of this monograph are to provide an overview of findings and of research methodology used to study students' evaluations of teaching effectiveness, and to examine implicationsExpand
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How Does Distance Education Compare With Classroom Instruction? A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Literature
A meta-analysis of the comparative distance education (DE) literature between 1985 and 2002 was conducted. In total, 232 studies containing 688 independent achievement, attitude, and retentionExpand
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What Forty Years of Research Says About the Impact of Technology on Learning
This research study employs a second-order meta-analysis procedure to summarize 40 years of research activity addressing the question, does computer technology use affect student achievement inExpand
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Improving Judgments About Teaching Effectiveness Using Teacher Rating Forms
This chapter critically examines five issues surrounding the use of student evaluations of teaching for summative decisions: current practices, validity concerns, improving the reporting of results,Expand
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Effects of Within-Class Grouping on Student Achievement: An Exploratory Model
We develop a parsimonious model of factors that account for the significant variability in the findings on the effects of within-class grouping on student achievement. Expand
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Media and Pedagogy in Undergraduate Distance Education: A Theory-Based Meta-Analysis of Empirical Literature
This meta-analysis employs a theoretical framework in quantitatively synthesizing empirical studies that investigate the effects of distance education (DE) versus classroom instruction on undergraduate student achievement. Expand
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The development of a questionnaire for predicting online learning achievement
The study reported here concerns the development and predictive validation of an instrument to assess the achievement outcomes of DE/online learning success. A 38‐item questionnaire was developed andExpand
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Technology Infusion in Success for All: Reading Outcomes for First Graders
This article evaluates 2 technology applications for teaching beginning reading. One, embedded multimedia, involves brief phonics and vocabulary videos threaded through teachers' lessons. The other,Expand
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