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An epidemiological study of the environmental and genetic factors as well as the possible interplay between them was conducted among 215 patients with Parkinson's disease and 313 controls in a Chinese population in Hong Kong. In univariate analysis, a regular tea drinking habit was found to be a protective factor, which had not been reported before. Smoking(More)
Hemophilia is an inherited blood clotting disorder resulting from deficiency of blood coagulation factors. Current standard of care for hemophilia patients is frequent intravenous infusions of the missing coagulation factor. Gene therapy for hemophilia involves the introduction of a normal copy of the deficient coagulation factor gene thereby potentially(More)
Retinal gene therapy with adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors is safe and effective in humans. However, the limited cargo capacity of AAV prevents their use for therapy of those inherited retinopathies (IRs) due to mutations in large (>5 kb) genes. Viral vectors derived from adenovirus (Ad), lentivirus (LV) and herpes virus (HV) can package large DNA(More)
We used transcranial Doppler to screen 3,057 patients who had at least one vascular risk factor of hypertension, diabetes, or hyperlipidemia and found 385 (12.6%) had middle cerebral artery stenosis. Elderly, hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia were associated factors. The prevalence escalated quadratically with increasing number of associated(More)
All studies using human serotype 5 Adenovirus (Ad) vectors must address two major obstacles: safety and the presence of pre-existing neutralizing antibodies. Helper-Dependent (HD) Ads have been proposed as alternative vectors for gene therapy and vaccine development because they have an improved safety profile. To evaluate the potential of HD-Ad vaccines,(More)
A novel method is described for measuring the regional visual acuity in the vicinity of the fovea. A letter is flashed for 100 ms in one of nine positions. The size of the letters is increased or decreased systematically until the size of a letter that can be identified correctly in 75% of cases is obtained for each of the nine positions. The method has(More)
Non-ideal pattern transfer from drawn circuit layout to manufactured nanometer transistors can severely affect electrical characteristics such as drive current, leakage current, and threshold voltage. Obtaining accurate electrical models of non-rectangular transistors due to sub-wavelength lithography effects is indispensable for DFM-aware nanometer IC(More)
Groups of rhesus macaques that had previously been immunized with HIV-1 envelope (env) peptides and first generation adenovirus serotype 5 (FG-Ad5) vaccines expressing the same peptides were immunized intramuscularly three times with helper-dependent adenovirus (HD-Ad) vaccines expressing only the HIV-1 envelope from JRFL. No gag, pol, or other SHIV genes(More)
In view of recent serious adverse events and advances in gene therapy technologies, the use of regulatable expression systems is becoming recognized as indispensable adjuncts to successful clinical gene therapy. In the present work we optimized high-capacity adenoviral (HC-Ad) vectors encoding the novel tetracycline-dependent (TetOn)-regulatory elements for(More)
BACKGROUND Recent clinical use of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the treatment of both myocardial and peripheral ischemia has suggested the possibility of tissue specific coregulation of VEGF and its receptors (eg, kinase domain region [KDR]). The present study was performed to detect the relationship between VEGF and KDR protein levels after(More)