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Field-based environmental tracer studies are commonly used to investigate hydrological and ecological processes in flowing waters. These studies involve injecting a conservative tracer into a stream or into a near-stream well and monitoring the surface and subsurface waters at downgradient locations. Results have been used to quantify stream velocity,(More)
Separate factor analyses of responses to the Tennessee Self-concept Scale using item and scale data are reported for a sample of 255 disabled veterans. A global self-satisfaction factor and several subsidiary factors roughly approximate the external dimension of the scale. The internal dimension interacts with the external one in defining several factors(More)
This study investigated the relationship among gender, social sex roles, and sexual orientation as components of sexual identity, and the relationship of these components to the overall self-concept. It was found that each component was individually important in the relationship of sexual identity to self-concept. The interaction between sex and sexual(More)
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