Philip C Ginsberg

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We report 2 cases of spontaneous bladder rupture related to chronic outlet obstruction and urinary retention. In both cases, focal perforation was identified within diverticula. Bladder rupture in the absence of trauma is a rare and serious event with a mortality rate approaching 50%. These injuries are often initially misdiagnosed and it is our goal to(More)
OBJECTIVES To perform a retrospective analysis evaluating factors that may predict which men with elevated post-void residuals (PVRs) that were at increased risk to develop acute urinary retention (AUR). METHODS We retrospectively analyzed the records of 44 male patients who had 2 consecutive PVRs greater than 100 ml over a 6-month period. Using(More)
Pelvic organ prolapse can affect urinary tract function by reducing flow rates and increasing post void residual urine volumes secondary to outlet obstruction. If the diagnosis is missed or left untreated, pelvic organ prolapse can lead to acute renal injury, chronic renal failure or even end stage renal disease. Herein, we present a case of a patient who(More)
cute bilateral renal obstruction secondary to spontaneous bleeding and clot formation is a Arare complication of patients with blood cell dyscrasias. This can occur at any time despite medical therapy and treatment. Decompression of the renal system and relief of obstruction are critical to improve renal function. Once the coagulopathy is treated and(More)
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