Philip Barak

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 Farmers in developing countries cannot afford inorganic fertilizers. Multipurpose tree leaves or livestock manure are major sources of nutrients for soil fertility replenishment. Nutrient release from these organic inputs depends on their chemical composition and on soil properties. This study determined the chemical composition of leaves of four African(More)
Knowledge of the fate of agricultural phosphorus in the environment is of crucial interest for maintaining water quality and sustaining economic agricultural enterprises on the landscape, in Wisconsin as well as elsewhere. Since the question is most properly the long term effect of a particular phosphorusmanagement practice, the only alternative to pure(More)
13.3 million tons of yard trimmings wastes – consisting of leaves, grass clippings, brush, and tree trimming wastes – are landfilled every year. Moreover, increasing financial pressure on municipalities and increasing waste processing costs are endangering many bans on yard trimming waste landfilling. As such, source reduction of yard trimming wastes has(More)
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