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  • Mara Faccio, Ronald W Masulis, John J Mcconnell, Philip Ball, Art Bond, Amar Durnev +13 others
  • 2005
We analyze the likelihood of government bailouts in a sample of 450 politically-connected (but publicly-traded) firms from 35 countries over the period 1997 through 2002. We find that politically-connected firms are significantly more likely to be bailed out than similar non-connected firms. Additionally, politically-connected firms are disproportionately(More)
here is such a long and colourful history of engineers, scientists and artificers gaining inspiration from nature that one could be forgiven for thinking that all the best ideas have been spoken for. In the nineteenth century, biomimesis was at least as much an aesthetic as a practical pursuit. Artists and architects delighted in Ernst Haeckel's drawings of(More)