Philip B. Alipour

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—– This paper focuses on super helical memory system's design, 'Engi-neering, Architectural and Satellite Communications' as a theoretical approach of an invention-model to 'store time-data' in terms of anticipating the best memory location ever for data/time. The current release entails three concepts: 1-the in-depth theoretical physics engineering of the(More)
—– The elucidation upon fly's neuronal patterns as a link to computer graphics and human vision, is investigated for the phenomenon by propounding a unified theory of Einstein's two known relativities. It is conclusive that flies could contribute a certain amount of neuromatrices indicating an imagery function based on a visual-computational system of(More)
~ 1 ~ " As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew " Abraham Lincoln Abstract This report covers an intelligent decision support system (IDSS), which handles an efficient and effective way to rapidly inspect containerized cargos for defection. Defection is either cargo exposure to radiation, physical damages such as holes, punctured surfaces,(More)
Australia, the author suggested that biovie-physical phenomenon as 'electrodynamic dependant biological vision', is governed by relativistic quantum laws and biovision. The phenomenon on the basis of 'biovielectroluminescence', satisfies man/microbio/ megabio/computer vision (MMMCV), as a robust candidate for physical and visual sciences. The general aim of(More)
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