Philip Antwi-Agyei

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This study evaluates new multi-scale, multi-indicator methods for assessing the vulnerability of crop production to drought at a national and regional scale by identifying differences across and within ten regions of Ghana, a country that faces many climate and crop production challenges typical of subSaharan Africa. We highlight key methodological steps(More)
in 2008 to advance public and private action on climate change through innovative, rigorous research. The Centre is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and has five inter-linked research programmes: 1. Developing climate science and economics 2. Climate change governance for a new global deal 3. Adaptation to climate change and human(More)
The use of mosquito coils has gained widespread patronage in malaria-endemic countries, even though it is not a recommended preventive measure for avoiding mosquitoes. Mosquito coils contain insecticides, which are expected to vaporize slowly once the coil is lit, to provide protection against the mosquito. The mosquito coil base material contains a variety(More)
Farmers’ perceptions of how rainfall is changing is crucial in anticipating the effects of climate change, as only farmers who perceive a problem will adapt to it. However, even within the same location, people may perceive rainfall changes differently. Therefore, how can scientists, practitioners, and farmers ensure that they talk about the same rainfall(More)
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