Philip Andrew Stevens

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INTRODUCTION The therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation are well documented, yet little is known about the practice of yoga in Australia or elsewhere, whether as a physical activity, a form of therapy, a spiritual path or a lifestyle. MATERIALS AND METHODS To investigate the practice of yoga in Australia, a national survey of yoga practitioners was(More)
The successful reconstruction of an ancient bacterial genome from archaeological material presents an important methodological advancement for infectious disease research. The reliability of evolutionary histories inferred by the incorporation of ancient data, however, are highly contingent upon the level of genetic diversity represented in modern genomic(More)
This paper provides a survey of work on the link between education and economic growth. It shows that data from the early 20th century are coherent with conclusions about education and economic growth derived from the much more recent past. It also presents an analysis of the role of education in facilitating the use of best-practice technology. It is to be(More)
  • P A Stevens
  • Bulletin of the World Health Organization
  • 1984
As a contribution to malaria control in Africa, not only should development projects be more consistently designed and operated so as to avoid mosquito breeding in inhabited areas but African communities whose citizens are ready to volunteer their effort and time should be helped to organize individual and community action against malaria vectors. Many(More)
Pregnant rabbits (30 days) were injected intravenously with [3H]choline 8 h before delivery. The fetuses were delivered, and lung lavage and lamellar body phospholipids (PL) were analyzed. Some newborns also received radioactively labeled surfactant intratracheally on delivery and were permitted to breathe. With time, intratracheal label decreased in lavage(More)
To determine whether atelectasis might modify lung surfactant, we injected N2 into the right pleural space of adult rabbits. Daily, under sedation, pleural gas volume and pressure were measured and adjusted to 20 ml/kg and 0 to +2 cm H2O with N2. On the sixth day, pHa, PaCO2, PaO2, and FRC were measured. Pressure-volume diagrams or bronchoalveolar lavages(More)
We hypothesized that when the lung makes the transition from the fluid- to the air-filled state at birth, there are changes in physical and functional properties of the alveolar surfactant. To test this hypothesis, newborn rabbits were killed at different times in the first 24 h of life, their lungs lavaged with ice-cold saline, and the lavage fluid(More)
Rhodamine 123 fluorescent labeling of the human spermatozoal midpiece was used as a means of monitoring spermatozoal viability. This simple procedure was used in three separate studies to establish differential spermatozoal survival. Twenty ejaculates of reasonable quality were taken from men attending the Cromwell Hospital IVF Clinic. These were split(More)
This paper investigates whether differences in absorptive capacity help to explain cross-country differences in the level of productivity. We utilise stochastic frontier analysis to investigate two potential sources of this inefficiency: differences in human capital and R&D for nine industries in twelve OECD countries over the period 1973-92. We find that(More)
This paper considers the job satisfaction of academics using a detailed dataset of over two thousand academics from ten English higher education institutions. The results of our analysis suggest that one would be wrong to consider one single measure of jobsatisfaction. Academics appear to be considering three separate sets of elements of their jobs, namely(More)