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10-Gbps, 5.3-mW Optical Transmitter and Receiver Circuits in 40-nm CMOS
  • F. Liu, D. Patil, +9 authors R. Ho
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
  • 4 June 2012
We describe transmitter and receiver circuits for a 10-Gbps single-ended optical link in a 40-nm CMOS technology. The circuits are bonded using low-parasitic micro-solder bumps to silicon photonicExpand
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Ultra-low-energy all-CMOS modulator integrated with driver.
We report the first sub-picojoule per bit (400fJ/bit) operation of a silicon modulator intimately integrated with a driver circuit and embedded in a clocked digital transmitter. We show a wall-plugExpand
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10 Gbps, 530 fJ/b optical transceiver circuits in 40 nm CMOS
  • F. Liu, D. Patil, +9 authors R. Ho
  • Computer Science
  • Symposium on VLSI Circuits - Digest of Technical…
  • 15 June 2011
This paper describes 10 Gbps optical modulator and receiver circuits designed for high energy efficiency in a 40 nm process. The transmitter consumes 135 fJ/b when bonded to an external siliconExpand
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A high-speed, tunable silicon photonic ring modulator integrated with ultra-efficient active wavelength control.
We report the first complete 10G silicon photonic ring modulator with integrated ultra-efficient CMOS driver and closed-loop wavelength control. A selective substrate removal technique was used toExpand
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A low-power, high-speed, 9-channel germanium-silicon electro-absorption modulator array integrated with digital CMOS driver and wavelength multiplexer.
We demonstrate the first germanium-silicon C-band electro-absorption based waveguide modulator array and echelle-grating-based silicon wavelength multiplexer integrated with a digital CMOS driverExpand
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A 33mW 100Gbps CMOS silicon photonic WDM transmitter using off-chip laser sources
We report an ultra-low power 100Gbps silicon photonic WDM transmitter tunable with off-chip laser sources. The hybrid CMOS transmitter consists of eight 12.6Gbps WDM channels and consumes a totalExpand
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Microring-based multi-chip WDM photonic module.
We report on a packaged prototype of a WDM photonic transceiver. It is an all-solid state hybrid assembly based on 130nm SOI photonic circuitry integrated with a 40nm CMOS VLSI driver. Our prototypeExpand
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Ultra-efficient 10 Gb/s hybrid integrated silicon photonic transmitter and receiver.
Using low parasitic microsolder bumping, we hybrid integrated efficient photonic devices from different platforms with advanced 40 nm CMOS VLSI circuits to build ultra-low power silicon photonicExpand
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Ultralow-power high-performance Si photonic transmitter
We report a 320fJ/bit transmitter made of a Si microring modulator flip-chip bonded to a CMOS driver. The transmitter consumes only 1.6mW power, and exhibits a wide open eye with extinction ratioExpand
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Silicon Photonic Interconnects for Large-Scale Computer Systems
Optical interconnects play an integral role in large-scale digital computing, switching, and routing systems. The authors describe a path toward future many-chip modules based on silicon photonicExpand
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