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We calculate the membrane-induced interaction between inclusions, in terms of the membrane stretching and bending moduli and the spontaneous curvature. We find that the membrane-induced interaction between inclusions varies nonmonotonically as a function of the inclusion spacing. The location of the energy minimum depends on the spontaneous curvature and(More)
We perform Monte Carlo simulations of tau proteins bound to a cylinder that mimics a microtubule (MT), and then study them in solution. Tau protein binds to a highly anionic MT surface to stabilize the cylindrical structure of MT. The negatively charged tail domain floats away from the anionic MT surface while positively charged tau segments localize near(More)
We explore the depletion attractions that arise between hard colloidal spheres immersed in a nonadsorbing polymer solution of DNA. We spatially confine two 1.25 µm silica spheres in a scanning optical tweezer and quantitatively examine their interaction potential in double-stranded DNA solutions of different concentrations. The potentials obtained display(More)
The curvature elastic energy of bilayer vesicles formed by a mixture of two surfactants, which individually form either micelles or lamellar bilayer phases is described theoretically. In the limit of large bending elastic modulus K being much greater than the temperature T, the free energy is minimized by vesicles with different concentrations of the two(More)
Recent experiments (Gambin, Y., R. Lopez-Esparza, M. Reffay, E. Sierecki, N. S. Gov, M. Genest, R. S. Hodes, and W. Urbach. 2006. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 103:2098-2102) have called into question the applicability of the Saffman-Delbrück diffusivity for proteins embedded in the lipid bilayers. We present a simple argument to account for this observation(More)
We predict a condensation phenomenon in an overall neutral system, consisting of a single charged plate and its oppositely charged counterions. Based on the " two-fluid " model, in which the counterions are divided into a " free " and a " condensed " fraction, we argue that for high surface charge, fluctuations can lead to a phase transition in which a(More)
Effects of specific ions on the local translational diffusion of water near large hydrophilic lipid vesicle surfaces were measured by Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization (ODNP). ODNP relies on an unpaired electron spin-containing probe located at molecular or surface sites to report on the dynamics of water protons within ~10 Å from the spin probe,(More)
We consider an ideal gas of infinitely rigid rods near a perfectly repulsive wall, and show that the interfacial tension of a surface with rods on one side is lower when the surface bends towards the rods. Surprisingly we find that rods on both sides of surfaces also lower the energy when the surface bends. We compute the partition functions of rods(More)
  • K Yaman, P Pincus, F Solis, T A Witten
  • 2008
We apply results derived in other contexts for the spectrum of the Laplace operator in curved geometries to the study of an ideal polymer chain confined to a spherical annulus in arbitrary space dimension D and conclude that the free energy compared to its value for an uncurved box of the same thickness and volume, is lower when D < 3, stays the same when D(More)
We simulate model systems of charged spherical particles in their counterion solution and measure the thermodynamic pressure and the pair distribution function from which we derive effective potentials of mean force. For a system with only electrostatic and hard core interactions, we investigate the effective potential between two like-charged spheres in(More)