Philip A. McCann

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Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus (ECRL) avulsion is a rare injury which follows resisted wrist hyperflexion. Treatment of this condition with open reduction and internal fixation is not previously described in the literature, and treatment with plaster immobilisation or k-wire fixation requires a prolonged period of immobilisation. We believe that open(More)
INTRODUCTION Fractures of the distal radius are one the commonest orthopaedic injuries. Recent advances in implant technology have seen a dramatic rise in the number of fractures treated with volar locked plates, as they permit accurate peri-articular reconstruction. The surgical approach along the bed of flexor carpii radialis (FCR) tendon encounters a(More)
INTRODUCTION Fractures of the distal radius are common upper limb injuries, representing a substantial proportion of the trauma workload in orthopaedic units. With ever increasing advancements in implant technology, operative intervention is becoming more frequent. As growing numbers of surgeons are performing operative fixation of distal radial fractures,(More)
Fractures of the distal radius are commonly treated with cast immobilisation; however, those potentially unstable injuries with dorsal comminution may need operative intervention. This intervention is usually with manipulation and Kirschner wires but advances in locking-plate technology have enabled surgeons to achieve anatomical reconstruction of complex(More)
A series of 49 pilon fractures in a tertiary referral centre treated definitively by open reduction and internal fixation have been assessed and the complications of such injuries examined. A retrospective analysis of case notes, radiographs and computerised tomographs over a seven-year period from 1999–2006 was performed. Infection was the most common(More)
INTRODUCTION Total shoulder replacement (TSR) is a reliable treatment for glenohumeral osteoarthritis. In addition to proper component orientation, successful arthroplasty requires accurate restoration of soft tissues forces around the joint to maximize function. We hypothesized that pathological changes within the rotator cuff on preoperative magnetic(More)
Penile injuries are relatively uncommon. The crush injury mediated by entrapment of the skin between the teeth and fastener of a zipper mechanism has been described. It is seen more commonly in uncircumcised children than adults. A number of treatment methods have been mentioned in the literature. An adult case presentation and novel method of management(More)
This study aims to identify the relationship of the radial nerve as it descends across the humerus with reference to a reliable soft tissue landmark, the tricipital aponeurosis. Following cadaveric dissection of 10 adult humerii, the radial nerve was located as it crossed the lateral midsagittal point of the humeral diaphysis. A horizontal line was then(More)
Pathological lesions of long bones increase the morbidity of many common cancers. The orthopedic management of metastatic skeletal lesions can be challenging. The ultimate aim is to provide patients with a painless, functional limb. We present a report of two cases were a novel minimally invasive long bone nailing technique has been utilized to achieve(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoarthritic shoulders are mainly associated with glenoid retroversion. Total shoulder arthroplasty with the glenoid component implanted in retroversion predisposes to loosening of the glenoid prosthesis. Correction of glenoid retroversion through anterior eccentric reaming, before glenoid component implantation, is performed to restore normal(More)