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The threat that insiders pose to businesses, institutions and governmental organisations continues to be of serious concern. Recent industry surveys and academic literature provide unequivocal evidence to support the significance of this threat and its prevalence. Despite this, however, there is still no unifying framework to fully characterise insider(More)
Today real-time sports performance analysis is a crucial aspect of matches in many major sports. For example, in soccer and rugby, team analysts may annotate videos during the matches by tagging specific actions and events, which typically result in some summary statistics and a large spreadsheet of recorded actions and events. To a coach, the summary(More)
The insider threat faced by corporations and governments today is a real and significant problem, and one that has become increasingly difficult to combat as the years have progressed. From a technology standpoint, traditional protective measures such as intrusion detection systems are largely inadequate given the nature of the 'insider' and their(More)
Video storyboard, which is a form of video visualization, summarizes the major events in a video using illustrative visualization. There are three main technical challenges in creating a video storyboard, (a) event classification, (b) event selection and (c) event illustration. Among these challenges, (a) is highly application-dependent and requires a(More)
Glyph-based visualization is an effective tool for depicting multivariate information. Since sorting is one of the most common analytical tasks performed on individual attributes of a multi-dimensional data set, this motivates the hypothesis that introducing glyph sorting would significantly enhance the usability of glyph-based visualiza-tion. In this(More)
In this paper we present a novel method for performing image registration of different modalities. Mutual Information (MI) is an established method for performing such registration. However, it is recognised that standard MI is not without some problems, in particular it does not utilise spatial information within the images. Various modifications have been(More)
Traditional sketch-based image or video search systems rely on machine learning concepts as their core technology. However, in many applications, machine learning alone is impractical since videos may not be semantically annotated sufficiently, there may be a lack of suitable training data, and the search requirements of the user may frequently change for(More)
In this paper we investigate the challenge of 3D reconstruction from Snooker video data. We propose a system pipeline for intelligent filtering based on semantic importance in Snooker. The system can be divided into table detection and correction, followed by ball detection, classification and tracking. It is apparent from previous work that there are(More)
Mutual information (MI) is a popular similarity measure for performing image registration between different modalities. MI makes a statistical comparison between two images by computing the entropy from the probability distribution of the data. Therefore, to obtain an accurate registration it is important to have an accurate estimation of the true(More)
One of the greatest challenges for managing organisational cyber security is the threat that comes from those who operate within the organisation. With entitled access and knowledge of organisational processes, insiders who choose to attack have the potential to cause serious impact, such as financial loss, reputational damage, and in severe cases, could(More)