Philip A Chan

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ion speeds up the DTW algorithm by operating on a reduced representation of the data. These algorithms include IDDTW [3], PDTW [13], and COW [2] . The left side of Figure 5 shows a full-resolution cost matrix for which a minimum-distance warp path must be found. Rather than running DTW on the full resolution (1/1) cost matrix, the time series are reduced in(More)
Many clustering and segmentation algorithms both suffer from the limitation that the number of clusters/segments is specified by a human user. It is often impractical to expect a human with sufficient domain knowledge to be available to select the number of clusters/segments to return. We investigate techniques to determine the number of clusters or(More)
This paper introduces the collective data mining (CDM), a new approach toward distributed data mining (DDM) from heterogeneous sites. It points out that naive approaches to distributed data analysis in a heterogeneous environment may face ambiguous situation and may lead to incorrect global data model. It also observes that any function can be expressed in(More)
BACKGROUND Excessive use of the Internet has been associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but the relationship between video games and ADHD symptoms in adolescents is unknown. METHOD A survey of adolescents and parents (n = 72 adolescents, 72 parents) was performed assessing daily time spent on the Internet, television, console(More)
Data mining has become one of the fastest growing areas of scientific research. Development of data mining algorithms to extract knowledge from databases has been ongoing for several years, yet the demand for continual improvements continues because of the enormous stores of data that are waiting to be analyzed. While a number of books, journals and(More)
In this paper we investigate machine learning techniques for discovering knowledge that can be used to monitor the operation of devices or systems. Specifically, we study methods for generating models that can detect anomalies in time series data. The normal operation of a device can usually be characterized in different temporal states. To identify these(More)
PURPOSE To measure regression of cancer of the uterine cervix during external beam radiotherapy using magnetic resonance imaging, derive radiobiologic parameters from a mathematical model of tumor regression, and compare these parameters with the pretreatment measurements of tumor hypoxia. METHODS AND MATERIALS A total of 27 eligible patients undergoing(More)
The human genome contains frequent single-basepair variants that may or may not cause genetic disease. To characterize benign vs. pathogenic missense variants, numerous computational algorithms have been developed based on comparative sequence and/or protein structure analysis. We compared computational methods that use evolutionary conservation alone,(More)
PURPOSE Internal tumor and organ movement is important when considering intensity-modulated radiotherapy for patients with cancer of the cervix because of the tight margins and steep dose gradients. In this study, the internal movement of the tumor, cervix, and uterus were examined using serial cinematic magnetic resonance imaging scans and(More)