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OBJECTIVE To explore the frequency and nature of violent incidents in psychogeriatric wards and nursing homes in terms of type and severity of incidents, what provoked the incidents, and what kind of measure was needed to stop the aggression. MATERIAL AND METHODS Aggressive behaviour of the study group was monitored using the Staff Observation Aggression(More)
This paper reports the results of a literature review that was undertaken to provide background for a small pilot study that introduced violence measurement instruments that was to assist the development of nursing practice on an acute psychiatric unit. Multiple databases were searched, focusing on publications since 1994: CINAHL, Ovid Healthstar, Ovid(More)
This study used a cross-sectional, descriptive design to identify barriers to research utilisation among forensic mental health nurses. A postal questionnaire was sent to the total population of 88 registered nurses working in a forensic mental health hospital in the UK. Forty-seven responded representing a response rate of 53%. Results showed that the(More)
The literature is divided into two sections, one on assessment and one on observation, with only one study that tries to make any connection between them. This study, conducted in both acute and forensic areas, attempts to show that there are some direct relationships between assessment criteria and observation levels in both these areas. An instrument was(More)
OBJECTIVE The Brøset violence checklist (BVC) is a short-term violence prediction instrument assessing confusion, irritability, boisterousness, verbal threats, physical threats and attacks on objects as either present or absent. The aim of this paper is to describe the evolution and usefulness of the BVC. METHOD This paper reviews studies on the BVC and(More)
OBJECTIVE The Brøset Violence Checklist (BVC) assesses confusion, irritability, boisterousness, verbal threats, physical threats and attacks on objects as either present or absent. It is hypothesised that an individual displaying two or more of these behaviours is more likely to be violent in the next twenty-four hour period. This study aims to test the(More)
  • Phil Woods
  • Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • 2013
This exploratory and descriptive study took place in one Canadian province. The study aimed to: (1) to identify and describe the nature and extent of current risk assessment and management approaches used in the adult inpatient mental health and forensic units; and (2) to identify good practice and shortfalls in the nature and extent of the approaches(More)
During May, 2006, on one acute mental health inpatient unit, nursing staff evaluated each patient three times a day (i.e., once each nursing shift) using the Broset Violence Checklist (BVC). Associated data were collected using the Staff Observation and Aggression Scale-Revised (SOAS-R) if an adverse incident occurred. At the end of the data collection(More)