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The consequences of a single bout of heavy eccentric exercise with and without repeated concentric exercises on MRI images, serum CK levels and markers of inflammation were studied. Two groups (ECC and ECCON), each consisting of 18 male volunteers, performed 70 eccentic contractions of the quadriceps femoris muscle. The study group (ECCON) performed(More)
Increasing evidence suggests a role for activated T cells and cytokines in the regulation of eosinophilic inflammation in asthma. In this study, we investigated the distribution of leukocytes, lymphocytes, their activation state, and the cytokine profile in BAL from 10 atopic asthmatics with positive skin prick tests and elevated specific IgE levels to(More)
Eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) is a cationic protein secreted by eosinophils with toxic properties for the respiratory epithelium. Sputum-ECP levels have been shown to correlate inversely with airflow obstruction in asthma. In the present study we investigated whether ECP concentrations are different between asthmatic patients and patients with chronic(More)
A close correlation among the number of activated, peripheral blood T helper cells, eosinophilia, and airflow obstruction has been reported in patients with asthma. To test these cross-sectional data we performed a prospective, longitudinal study investigating the relationships among T-cell activation in peripheral blood, eosinophilia, forced expiratory(More)
While the salivary gland has been recognized as an important effector site of the common mucosal immune system, a useful model for studying anti-viral salivary gland immune responses in vivo and for exploring the role of the salivary gland within the common mucosal system has been lacking. Murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) is a beta-herpesvirus that displays a(More)
For evaluation of the success of patient education in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), multiple-choice tests are commonly used. Using these tests, however, only passive knowledge can be examined. We attempted to evaluate, with the help of "open-word" questions and keywords, as used in examinations of students of arts,(More)
Concentrations of immunoreactive insulin activity (IRI) and proinsulin activity (IRP), blood glucose, free fatty acids (FFA), glycerol, cholesterol, triglycerides were analyzed in 140 subjects suspect of protodiabetes and 50 healthy persons before, during and after a glucose infusion test (GIT). The protodiabetic subjects were classified into normweight,(More)
PURPOSE Since the first presentations of CPAP by Sullivan 1983 und BiPAP by Sanders 1990 as a successful treatment in obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome, many CPAP and BiLevel-CPAP devices have been developed by several companies around the world. Although all devices work on the same principle of continuous positive airway pressure delivered through nasal(More)
On the basis of the post-mortem records of the Institute of Pathology of the University and District Hospital Rostock taking into consideration the clinical records the cause of 355 diabetics who died in the Rostock clinics from 1956 to 1972 were established and analysed. The results were compared with similar examinations of previous years, in which cases(More)