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Three-phase bone scintigraphy is used often to diagnose reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the hand. This study presents an analysis of the literature relating three-phase bone scanning to reflex sympathetic dystrophy in the upper extremity. The data show a wide variability in scintigraphic accuracy in patients with clinically obvious reflex sympathetic(More)
One hundred thirteen workers' compensation and 53 non-workers' compensation patients who had undergone open carpal tunnel release were queried about job status and the presence or absence of residual symptoms of numbness, pain, or nocturnal awakening an average of 42 months postoperatively. Thirty-nine non-workers' compensation subjects were at their(More)
The dorsoulnar tubercle of the trapezium may fracture, and this fracture may be missed without precise physical examination and correct radiographic studies. If there is persistent localized pain and tenderness in this region and the results of routine wrist radiographic examination are normal, a bone scan should be performed. If there is localized uptake(More)
Synovial sarcoma is a high-grade malignancy with a marked propensity for local recurrence and a moderate rate of regional lymph node involvement. It usually causes death from massive pulmonary metastases. Despite its aggressive biologic behavior, en bloc wide local resection of small extremity tumors rather than amputation may be indicated if removal of all(More)
In conclusion, animal experiments have shown the following: (1) extensive elevation (mobilization) of a nerve from its bed does not interfere with its capacity to regenerate as long as the longitudinal epineural vessels are preserved, (2) suturing nerve ends under tension has a deleterious effect on the final results, (3) when a segment of nerve has been(More)
Transforming growth factor, subtype beta (TGF-beta) exists in several isoforms and is known to have important roles in adult wound healing by promoting collagen and extracellular matrix component deposition. It is also believed that TGF-beta influences normal developmental processes during embryo-genesis. Immunolocalization of two isoforms, TGF-beta 1 and(More)
We have applied computer programs originally developed for craniofacial surgical planning and evaluation to complex musculoskeletal problems. These computer programs reformat ordinary CT scans into black and white images of the three-dimensional osseous surfaces found in the scanned volume. These reformatted three-dimensional CT scan images increase the(More)
To determine ideal treatment, 58 patients with cystic hygroma of the neck were studied. Approximately equal distribution of the lesion among sexes and sides of the neck was noted, but frequency was less than expected among blacks. Complete excision, the treatment of choice, gave an 81% cure rate. Partial excision was curative in only 12% of cases, but it(More)