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Epiphyseal union of the anterior iliac crest and the medial clavicle is examined in 605 males and 254 females in a sample of modern Americans aged 11-40 years. The sample includes American whites, American blacks, Latin-Americans, and Orientals. This is the first skeletal investigation using a large sample of individuals of known age since the McKern and(More)
  • P A Webb
  • 1980
Compliance with physician recommendations among long-term hypertensive patients can be a chronic and difficult treatment problem. This study evaluated the relative effectiveness of additional patient education and psychosocial counseling in improving patient compliance. At a family practice clinic, 123 low income, rural, black hypertensive patients were(More)
For a parallel kinematic machine (PKM), encoders may be used to measure the relative change in length of the strut but they cannot detect any deformation of the strut due to thermal expansion and load. To obtain this type of data displacement should be directly measured for each strut. The use of inertial sensors provides a possible solution for the PKM(More)