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In written and spoken communications, figures of speech (e.g., metaphors and synecdoche) are often used as an aid to help convey abstract or less tangible concepts. However, the benefits of using rhetorical illustrations or embellishments in visualization have so far been inconclusive. In this work, we report an empirical study to evaluate hypotheses that(More)
Parallel simulation of incompressible fluid flows is considered on networks of homogeneous workstations. Coarse-grain parallelization of a Taylor–Galerkin/pressure–correction finite element algorithm are discussed, taking into account network communication costs. The main issues include the parallelization of system assembly, and iterative and direct(More)
—Computerised facial aging estimation, which has the potential for many applications in human-computer interactions , has been investigated by many computer vision researchers in recent years. In this paper, a feature-based discriminant subspace is proposed to extract more discriminating and robust representations for aging estimation. After aligning all(More)
With continuous acceptance of WWW as a de facto standard for human-computer interaction and human-human communication, it is desirable to develop collaborative applications under the framework of WWW. In this paper, we present a new script language called JACIE, which is designed to support rapid implementation of a wide range of multimedia collaborative(More)
Selective internal pudendal angiography was performed in 195 men (average age, 35.4 years +/- 10.3) who were suspected of having arteriogenic impotence. In the majority of patients, disease was localized to the cavernosal arteries. A previous series that involved older patients had demonstrated significant disease in the hypogastric and internal pudendal(More)
Hemodynamically, most cases of priapism occur as a result of venous outflow obstruction producing engorgement of the corpora cavernosa. In a small number of patients, however, the cause is uncontrolled arterial inflow, often from direct arterial trauma. The authors report two cases of arterial or "high-flow" priapism that were successfully treated with(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel approach for automatic generation of visualizations from domain-specific data available on the web. We describe a general system pipeline that combines ontology mapping and probabilistic reasoning techniques. With this approach, a web page is first mapped to a Domain Ontology, which stores the semantics of a specific(More)
The assumption of some developmental theories that short-term memory is the workspace of higher cognitive processes, and consequently that span measures processing capacity, is claimed to be inconsistent with the working memory literature. 4 experiments, using children aged 5 to 12 years, contrast this theory with a model in which short-term memory and the(More)
Localization and quantification studies were carried out on bay-scallop (Aequipecten irradians) striated-muscle troponin C- and troponin I-like proteins. Indirect immunofluorescence microscopy of scallop myofibrils stained with either rabbit anti-(scallop troponin I) or anti-(scallop troponin C) antibodies shows staining of all I-bands observed. The results(More)
Over the past decade, computer scientists and psychologists have made great efforts to collect and analyze facial dynamics data that exhibit different expressions and emotions. Such data is commonly captured as videos and are transformed into feature-based time-series prior to any analysis. However, the analytical tasks, such as expression classification,(More)