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An international multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals and researchers participated in a consensus conference on the management of cerebral palsy, convened by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics. Participants reviewed the evidence and considered contemporary thinking on a range of treatment options including physical and(More)
Teaching material can be time-consuming and difficult to develop, even for those with experience. Teaching repositories permit the sharing of material and can thus potentially save time and enable re-use of good material. Many teaching repositories have been created for this reason, but they often see limited use and we believe there is a missed opportunity(More)
Many investigations of students' initial learning of programming are based on small-scale studies of their interactions with a learning environment. Although this research has led to significant improvements in the understanding of student behaviour (and tool support), it has often been restricted to small numbers of students at single institutions. This(More)
Developing and sharing teaching material is a significant challenge for users and developers of novel teaching tools and techniques. The Greenroom is a community web site for teachers using the Greenfoot software that provides a novel design to overcome various problems associated with sharing resources and supporting teachers. The Greenroom is of immediate(More)
Performance verification is becoming critical to high performance ASICs manufacturing. Performance verification ensures that only those ASICs whose performance is higher than an advertized threshold are shipped to demanding customers. This provides a means to weed out nominal performance ASICs, and also ship ASICs at difference grades. However, performance(More)
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