Phil Sorrell

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This paper is concerned with the application of context -aware computing to museums and art galleries. The paper reports three studies addressing this issue. The first study involved a survey of visitors to an art gallery and focused on visitor activity and information requirements. This led to the conclusion that one could define visitor types and relate(More)
Rate and efficiency of gain were not affected by adding as much as 20% distillers dried grains in isocaloric diets for nursery pigs or 30% in isocaloric diets for finishing pigs. These results demonstrate that the previously suggested maximums of 5% distillers dried grains in nursery diets and 10% distillers dried grains in finishing diets are too(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine the effects of sorghum-based distillers dried grains with solubles in isocaloric diets for nursery and finishing pigs. Rate and efficiency of gain in nursery pigs were decreased with 45% or more distillers grains. For finishing pigs, efficiency of gain was improved as distillers grains was increased to 60% of the(More)
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