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We describe our technical approach in competing at the RoboCup 2000 Sony legged robot league. The UNSW team won both the challenge competition and all their soccer matches, emerging the outright winners for this league against eleven other international teams. The main advantage that the UNSW team had was speed. The robots not only moved quickly, due to a(More)
Blind Australians find great difficulty in recognising bank notes. Each note has the same feel, with no Braille markings, irregular edges or other tangible features. In Australia, there is only one device available that can assist blind people recognise their notes. Internationally, there are devices available; however they are expensive, complex and have(More)
Childhood trauma (CT) and psychosis may be associated. Drawing on the dissociation and social psychological literature, the current study examined the mediating role of structural aspects of self in explaining the relationship between childhood trauma and psychosis. Twenty-nine individuals with psychosis were compared with 31 healthy volunteers regarding(More)
To significantly increase the resolution achievable by a retinal prosthesis without requiring additional electrodes, a current steering technique could be utilized. In this study, a finite element model was constructed to analyze the local concentrations of charge carrying ions within a saline bath due to concurrent stimulation from two electrodes(More)
A simplified mathematical model has been developed in order to better understand local current spread when multiple simultaneous current sources are used in an epiretinal neuroprosthesis. To test the model, pairs of platinum electrodes of 430 μm diameter and an intra-pair spacing of 1 mm between centers, were arranged either in-line or in parallel, in(More)
An application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) capable of delivering charge to multiple electrodes in unison has been developed. The ASIC is designed to function as part of an epi-retinal prosthesis driving an array of electrodes in a hexagonal mosaic. This unique organization of electrodes and the use of current sources and sinks is implemented to(More)
With more clinical trials proving viability of visual prosthesis follows the demand for higher resolution devices. As the number of electrodes increases, due to surgical difficulties, it is preferred to keep their length short by placing the implant close to the stimulation site, where there are considerable constraints on device size. On the contrary, the(More)
A prototype of an epi-retinal vision prosthesis based upon an efficient electrode addressing schema has been developed. This system has the ability to stimulate multiple electrode regions simultaneously, hence greatly improving the maximum rate of stimulation compared to many currently available neural stimulation devices based on serial stimulation(More)
Following the suggestion that it was possible that cases of melioidosis amongst those who had been exposed abroad in the past, might be escaping notice, 487 Royal Marines were examined by indirect haemagglutination studies. Four hundred and eleven of these subjects had served for variable times in areas where melioidosis has been known to occur in Indonesia(More)