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BACKGROUND Production of media such as patient education tools requires methods that can integrate multiple stakeholder perspectives. Existing consensus techniques are poorly suited to design of visual media, can be expensive and logistically demanding, and are subject to caveats arising from group dynamics such as participant hierarchies. OBJECTIVE Our(More)
: This article reports a qualitative study of the phenomenon of posttraumatic amnesia, a common behavioral sequelae to traumatic brain injury frequently encountered by nurses on trauma wards. Specifically, it focuses on the experiences of newly registered Australian graduate nurses (N = 6) providing care for this patient cohort. An atheoretical qualitative(More)
  • Phil Maude
  • 2013
OBJECTIVE This paper describes the early settlement of Western Australia and colonial strategies implemented to manage the mentally ill. CONCLUSIONS Western Australian Colonial treatment of the mentally ill began in 1829 with the first mentally ill patient, Dr Nicholas Were Langley. Building commenced to house the mentally ill with the use of a prison,(More)
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