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Web 2.0, the second-generation of the World Wide Web, differs to earlier versions of Web development and design in that it facilitates more user-friendly, interactive information sharing and mechanisms for greater collaboration between users. Examples of Web 2.0 include Web-based communities, hosted services, social networking sites, video sharing sites,(More)
Serum lipoproteins, separated by preparative ultracentrifugation and the activity of the plasma enzyme lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) have been measured in insulin-dependent diabetics, non-insulin-dependent diabetics and in age-matched non-diabetic controls. In the insulin-dependent diabetics, mean total serum cholesterol and high density(More)
BACKGROUND Production of media such as patient education tools requires methods that can integrate multiple stakeholder perspectives. Existing consensus techniques are poorly suited to design of visual media, can be expensive and logistically demanding, and are subject to caveats arising from group dynamics such as participant hierarchies. OBJECTIVE Our(More)
Antipsychotic medication has long been one of the first-line interventions for people with serious mental illness, with outcomes including reductions in symptoms and relapse rates. More recently, however, questions have been raised about the efficacy of antipsychotic medications, especially in light of their side-effect profile. Such questions have(More)
  • Phil Maude
  • 2013
OBJECTIVE This paper describes the early settlement of Western Australia and colonial strategies implemented to manage the mentally ill. CONCLUSIONS Western Australian Colonial treatment of the mentally ill began in 1829 with the first mentally ill patient, Dr Nicholas Were Langley. Building commenced to house the mentally ill with the use of a prison,(More)
UNLABELLED This study evaluated the use and effect of a rapid rehydration guideline for the management of gastroenteritis in children 6months to 4years of age in an Emergency Department (ED). The guideline aims to facilitate rehydration within 4h of arrival to the ED, using oral or nasogastric fluids. Primary outcome measures were ED Length of Stay (LOS)(More)
Alcohol use disorder in older adults is associated with a number of substantial medical complications, including cognitive decline. Due to limited success and application of screening approaches in this cohort, older adults are more likely to present to general hospital settings with undiagnosed problematic alcohol use. Consultation-liaison psychiatry(More)
The remarkable progress that has been witnessed in the physical and material wellbeing for most Australians over the 20th century has not been paralleled by gains in the mental and subjective wellbeing of the population. General practice plays a strategic role in Australia's primary health care, which has been recognised as an essential health system that(More)