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Description: Horticultural Reviews presents state–of–the–art reviews on topics in the horticultural sciences. The emphasis is on applied topics including the production of fruits, vegetables, nut crops, and ornamental plants of commerical importance. The title appears in the form of two volumes per year. These articles perform the valuable function of(More)
Seawater desalination by reverse osmosis (RO) is a reliable method for augmenting drinking water supplies. In recent years, the number and size of these water projects have increased dramatically. As freshwater resources become limited due to global climate change, rising demand, and exhausted local water supplies, seawater desalination will play an(More)
Ideotypes are a popular concept for plant breeders, who designate as such the ideal combinations of traits in a particular genotype to reach a pre-set production objective within a given socio-economic context. The historical, ‘genetic’ view of ideotypes has been more recently extended to cover the design of plant genotypes for specific cropping systems(More)
Plant architectural traits have been reported to impact pest and disease, i.e., attackers, incidence on several crops and to potentially provide alternative, although partial, solutions to limit chemical applications. In this paper, we introduce the major concepts of plant architecture analysis that can be used for investigating plant interactions with(More)
The occurrence and intensity of harmful algal blooms (HABs) have been increasing globally during the past few decades. The impact of these events on seawater desalination facilities has become an important topic in recent years due to enhanced societal interest and reliance on this technology for augmenting world water supplies. A variety of harmful(More)
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