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This study presents a method for analyzing and remediating the visual perceptual deficits often found in persons with acquired right brain injury due to stroke. A total of 57 patients were randomly assigned to experimental (N=25) or control (N=32) groups. All patients were administered the same test battery prior to assignment. Experimentals received the(More)
Building on a methodology to improve scanning and academic skill performance behavior in persons with acquired right brain damage due to stroke, this study presents 2 additional treatment methods: training in sensory awareness and spatial organization. The 53 patients studied were divided into two groups, experimental (N = 30) and control (N = 23). The(More)
The virtual world is comprised of data items related to each other in a variety of contexts. Often such relations can be represented as graphs that evolve over time. Examples include social networks, co-authorship graphs, and the world-wide-web. Attempts to model these graphs have introduced the notions of hierarchies and layers, which correspond to(More)
The aim of this paper is to benchmark various semantic repositories in order to evaluate their deployment in a commercial image retrieval and browsing application. We adopt a two-phase approach for evaluating the target semantic repositories: analytical parameters such as query language and reasoning support are used to select the pool of the target(More)
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