Phil Keenan

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Mixed nite element discretizations for problems arising in ow in porous medium applications are considered. We rst study second order elliptic equations which model single phase ow. We consider the recently introduced expanded mixed method. Combined with global mapping techniques, the method is suitable for full conductivity tensors and general geometry(More)
The yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) RAD54-GFP DNA repair reporter assay (GreenScreen assay, GSA) can be used for early genotoxicity screening in drug discovery. During the initial validation of this preregulatory assay, a subset of known genotoxic compounds that did not give reproducibly clear positive GSA results was identified. Cell permeability,(More)
Prospective meta-analysis, pioneered in the biomedical field, is the meta-analysis of multiple studies conducted using similar protocols and under similar conditions. To eliminate bias, the inclusion of individual studies in the meta-analysis is agnostic of the findings of the individual experiment. In this thesis, I adapt prospective meta-analysis for use(More)
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