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Access control in Linux is currently very limited. This paper details the implementation of Domain and Type Enforcement (DTE) in Linux, which gives the system administrator a significant advantage in securing his systems. We control access from domains to types, domain transitions, and signal access between domains, based on a policy which is read at boot(More)
1 I n t r o d u c t i o n Hemmendinger has recently presented a functionally correct implementation of general semaphores using only binary semaphores for concurrency control [2]. That work was motivated by a paper by Kotulski [3] in which the traditional textbook solution to the problem was shown to be incorrect. Hemmendinger's solution is presented in(More)
We describe ITVal, a tool that enables the efficient analysis of an iptables-based firewall. The underlying basis of ITVal is a library for the efficient manipulation of multi-way decision diagrams. We represent iptables rule sets and queries about the firewall defined by those rule sets as multi-way decision diagrams, and determine answers for the queries(More)
For administrators of large systems, testing and debugging a firewall policy is a difficult process. The size and complexity of many firewall policies make manual inspection of the rule set tedious and error-prone. The complex interaction of conflicting rules can conceal serious errors that compromise the security of the network or interrupt the delivery of(More)
As firewalls have increased in power and flexibility, the complexity of configuring them correctly has grown significantly. An error in the firewall configuration can compromise the security of the system or interfere with normal network activity. The chance of an error increases when coordinating multiple firewalls, because the interaction between filters(More)