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There is a need to calibrate models for carbon accounting in forest systems if they are to be applied for carbon trading and off-set schemes. One such model, Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM), calculates stem mass by taking annual inputs of tree growth in stem volume and multiplying these by basic stem wood density. Stem mass is then multiplied by(More)
Carbon offset mechanisms have been established to mitigate climate change through changes in land management. Regulatory frameworks enable landowners and managers to generate saleable carbon credits on domestic and international markets. Identifying and managing the associated co-benefits and dis-benefits involved in the adoption of carbon offset projects(More)
Reforestation of agricultural land with mixed-species environmental plantings of native trees and shrubs contributes to abatement of greenhouse gas emissions through sequestration of carbon, and to landscape remediation and biodiversity enhancement. Although accumulation of carbon in biomass is relatively well understood, less is known about associated(More)
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