Phil J. Jackson

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A decomposition algorithm that uses a pitch-scaled harmonic filter was evaluated using synthetic signals and applied to mixed-source speech, spoken by three subjects, to separate the voiced and unvoiced parts. Pulsing of the noise component was observed in voiced frication, which was analyzed by complex demodulation of the signal envelope. The timing of the(More)
The authors have designed and constructed a new type of actuation for a spherical robot. The proposed actuation system consists of a large number of individually inflatable rubber bladders covering a sphere. Inflation of one or more of these bladders imparts a moment to the sphere and coordinated inflation results in a directed motion. Further, the authors(More)
The papers at this Convention have been selected on the basis of a submitted abstract and extended precis that have been peer reviewed by at least two qualified anonymous reviewers. This convention paper has been reproduced from the author's advance manuscript, without editing, corrections, or consideration by the Review Board. The AES takes no(More)
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