Phil Howson

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Abstrad: Recent developments in the techniques used to produce surface layers of oxides and nitrides by reactive sputtering are considered. These techniques have to give films which can be produced onto large-area, low-temperature substrate materials, such as glass and polymer. It is shown that this has led to the adoption of ion-assisted processes. In(More)
The production of trills requires precise articulatory and aerodynamic settings, which appear to be hardly compatible with secondary palatalization – the raising and fronting of the tongue body. Yet, the precise reasons for this incompatibility are still poorly understood, largely given the paucity of articulatory work on trills. Moreover, previous(More)
This paper examines the liquid segments in Czech (/r/ and /l/) using articulography. The mid-sagittal and parasagittal contours of the liquids were compared. 5 speakers of Czech produced nonsense words in three environments: word-initial, intervocalic, and word-final position. The results indicated that /l/ is articulated further forward in the mouth and(More)
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