Phil Hardiman

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Innovation in the U.S. economy is about employing and rewarding highly talented workers to produce new products. Using unique longitudinal matched employer-employee data, this paper makes a key connection between talent and firms in markets with risky product innovations. We show that software firms that operate in product markets with highly skewed returns(More)
To assess long-term health effects of ovarian-stimulation drugs we followed-up for over 20 years a British cohort of 7355 women with ovulatory disorders, 43% of whom were prescribed ovarian-stimulation drugs, and identified a total of 274 deaths and 367 incident cancers. Relative to the general population, the cohort experienced lower mortality from most(More)
Although polycystic ovary syndrome is associated with hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, and insulin resistance, mortality from cerebrovascular disease is not increased. We previously reported lower downstream resistance in the internal carotid artery in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. This study was designed to assess vascular reactivity by measuring the(More)
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