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In this paper we discuss the problem of human facial emotions and emotion intensity levels recognition using active appearance models (AAM) and support vector machines (SVM). AAM are used for appropriate feature extraction and SVM for convenient facial emotion and emotion level classification. Problems related to proper selection of data retrieved from AAM(More)
This paper describes findings from a Human-to-Human Interaction experiment that examines human communicative non-verbal facial behaviour. The aim was to develop a more comfortable and effective model of social human-robot communication. Analysis of the data revealed a strong co-occurrence between human blink production and non-verbal communicative(More)
— This paper presents an overview of a humanoid soccer robot, build out of readily available hardware. The system architecture is covered in detail thereby enabling the reader to build a starter system for entering bipedal, humanoid soccer competitions. The structure of motion-pages of a Bioloid robot is presented. A vision algorithm to detect goal posts,(More)
In this paper, we study the adaptive control of a bimanual manipulator moving a dynamic object through a trajectory. Impedance and force are adapted online using a novel biomimetic algorithm that minimises both tracking error and control effort, as observed in humans. On top of our previous work of impedance and force adaptation, a new task(More)