Phil F. Culverhouse

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— This paper presents an overview of a humanoid soccer robot, build out of readily available hardware. The system architecture is covered in detail thereby enabling the reader to build a starter system for entering bipedal, humanoid soccer competitions. The structure of motion-pages of a Bioloid robot is presented. A vision algorithm to detect goal posts,(More)
This paper describes findings from a Human-to-Human Interaction experiment that examines human communicative non-verbal facial behaviour. The aim was to develop a more comfortable and effective model of social human-robot communication. Analysis of the data revealed a strong co-occurrence between human blink production and non-verbal communicative(More)
Motion analysis is one of the tools available to biologists to extract biologically relevant information from image datasets and has been applied to a diverse range of organisms. The application of motion analysis during early development presents a challenge, as embryos often exhibit complex, subtle and diverse movement patterns. A method of motion(More)
— The Bunny robot is a new humanoid robot platform for teaching, research and competition. It has been developed to provide a detailed case study for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, but it is also a research tool and competition robot. It is based upon the Robotis humanoid servo skeleton to which a multi-processor card cage and skull have been(More)